Development of an AI-based Non-invasive Pulse AudioGram (PAG) Monitoring Device for Arrhythmia Screening

Date : 5 Jul 2019 (Friday)
Time : 09:30 am to 11:30 am
Venue : KB325

Dr. Lin gave a talk regarding “Development of an AI-based Non-invasive Pulse AudioGram (PAG) Monitoring Device for Arrhythmia Screening” to the interested staff and students at UTAR on 5 July 2019. He shared an AI-based non-invasive PAG monitoring device used to measure the audio-signal in radial artery which is generated by haemodynamics. The PAG monitoring device consists of four components: an audiogram sensor, an analog-digital converter, a microprocessor and a data storage. He also developed an AI-based arrhythmia detection algorithm to show the developed prototype could detect arrhythmia robustly and reliably although the measured signals were small and noisy. The audiences found the talk was very interesting and informative. The talk ended successfully at 12.30 pm.

Speaker profile: Dr. Che-Wei Lin, graduated with a B.S., Electrical and Control Engineering from National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan in year 2006. Later, he obtained his M.S., Information Technology from University of Milan, Italy in year 2009 and PhD. Electrical Engineering from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan in year 2011. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence-based Biomedical Signal Processing, Wearable Device Design, Virtual Reality Medical-based Assistive System and Artificial Intelligence-based Surgery Assistive System.

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