Stephanie Kew Yen Nee successfully completed her internship at CHST

Stephanie Kew Yen Nee, a student from Quest International University, recently completed her internship from 14 March 2023 to 25 April 2023. The research study she performed was a crucial aspect of her learning experience. Her research focused on an Association Rule Mining Project, examining the relationship rules among different parameters.

During her internship, Stephanie learned about neuro acupuncture, a contemporary acupuncture technique that targets specific sites of the body to address neurological conditions. She analyzed the correlations between various medical parameters for neck disorder diagnosis, including body fat mass (BFM), body mass index (BMI), and other medical data. Stephanie used statistical programs like IBM SPSS Modeler to examine the data that was taken from patient records, to find important associations and trends.

Stephanie’s research study identified possible areas for further research and development, while also shedding light on the effectiveness of neuro acupuncture in various patient demographics. According to Stephanie, “The research study allowed me to apply my technical knowledge and practical abilities to real-world challenges. It gave me the opportunity to participate in existing research initiatives and broaden my knowledge of the topic. The research project not only improved my technical capabilities but also improved my data analysis, all of which are necessary for professional practice.”

Overall, Stephanie’s research study was a valuable contribution to the field of medical research, and her experience during the internship will undoubtedly prepare her for future professional practice.

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