Calvin Yap Tze Khai’s Innovative IMU Project Attachment at CHST

Calvin Yap Tze Khai, a student enrolled at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, recently completed a project attachment spanning from July 10, 2023, to August 10, 2023. The central focus of his engagement revolved around the development and implementation of a cost-effective alternative to force plates for conducting postural sway assessments, employing Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs).

Throughout the duration of his attachment, Calvin acquired comprehensive insights into various facets of IMU data acquisition, preprocessing, and computational analysis for real-time transmission via wireless connectivity to a host computer. Leveraging the acceleration data derived from the IMUs, he adeptly derived displacement measurements, facilitated by a custom software ecosystem encompassing C++ programming integrated with Arduino Cloud infrastructure.

Calvin’s pivotal contribution culminated in the realization of an intuitive user interface, tailored to enable medical practitioners to administer postural sway evaluations with minimalistic equipment requirements. According to Calvin, the translation of theoretical concepts into a functional application, showcasing his capacity to adapt theoretical knowledge to pragmatic implementations within a university project framework. This experiential foray proved instrumental in honing his aptitude for the forthcoming university pursuits, exposing him to novel paradigms and avenues within his chosen field of study.”

In summation, Calvin Yap Tze Khai’s project attachment stands as a commendable and indispensable contribution to the overarching endeavor. The experiential erudition garnered during this internship undeniably augments his readiness for prospective academic endeavors, affording him a panoramic view of research methodologies and applied concepts that will invariably enrich his academic journey.

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