CHST postgraduate student presented his work at the 2023 IEEE 6th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and System Engineering (ICEESE)

This conference is organized by the IEEE Education Society Malaysia Chapter and co-organized by the Engineering and Technical Research Group (EnTER) at the School of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. It also receives technical co-sponsorship from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. This conference represents a significant milestone in the post-pandemic era, providing a platform for scholars and researchers from around the world to convene and discuss cutting-edge innovations and advancements in the field of electrical, electronics, and system engineering.

Mr. Choo arrived at the hall entrance at 7:30 am to prepare for registration at 8:00 am. Participants were provided with lanyards for easy identification, along with some conference goodies and a bag bearing the ICEESE logo. Payment invoices were also issued on the spot. After completing the registration, attendees were directed to enter the hall and await the commencement of the conference. The conference officially began at 9:00 am, with an opening address by the event chairperson, Dr. Norlida Buniyamin. Following the opening ceremony, a keynote speech titled “Embracing Disruptive Technologies in the New Landscape of Engineering Education” was delivered by Prof. Dr. Abd Karim Alias. The talk emphasized the importance of adopting new technologies and modernizing the curriculum and delivery methods to ensure that the next generation of engineers is well-prepared to meet future challenges. It concluded that the future of engineering education should be flexible, adaptive, and student-centric, transcending traditional boundaries. The integration of disruptive technologies into the curriculum can revolutionize the learning experience.

The keynote speech lasted for approximately an hour, and a brief coffee break was scheduled from 10:30 am to 10:45 am. The subsequent session featured physical presentations, during which Mr. Choo presented his research entitled ‘Evaluation of Hand Functions Using Sensor-Based Wearable Hand Motion Analysis Device.’ A total of 5 presenters shared their work in this session, with each presenter allotted 10 minutes for their presentation and 5 minutes for answering audience questions.

At 1:00 pm, the attendees adjourned to the cafeteria for a buffet-style lunch. Following the meal, the conference resumed with a second session featuring virtual presentations, which were open to international presenters at 2:15 pm. Six international presenters presented their topics during this virtual presentation session, which concluded at 4:00 pm. While the main ICEESE conference essentially wrapped up at this point, participants were free to join the ICEED presentation, held in the adjacent room. The day concluded with a barbecue-style dinner served at the same cafeteria at 7:30 pm, marking the official end of the conference.

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