Basic Concept on Tissue Engineering: Cell Source & Biomaterial

Basic Concept on Tissue Engineering: Cell Source & Biomaterial

Speaker : Associated Prof. Dr. Chua Kien Hui
Date : 8 August 2012
Time : 2.00- 4.00 pm
Venue : FES SA Block, 6th Floor Meeting Room (EAST)
Organizer : Dr Kim Lian Hua & Dr Tang Pek Yee, Centre of Healthcare System & Technology (CHST), UTAR

Assoc. Prof. Chua graduated with BSc(Hons) from UKM in 1997 and receive his Mbiotech and Ph.D. degrees from UM and UKM, in 1999 and 2005 respectively. Joining Department of Physiology, he has published more than 30 original articles in international peer reviewed journals. Besides, he has developed various tissue culture methods and quantification kits, where he holds three patents and had filed four patent applications.

The talk started at 2.15 pm and was attended by 20 Biomedical Engineering students as well as few other lecturers. During the talk, Assoc. Prof Chua introduces the concept of Tissue Engineering and he touched on the various types of cells that his lab currently uses to engineered human tissue for implantation. He also talked on the various types of biomaterial to be used as scaffold in tissue engineering. After the introduction of all the essentials in tissue engineering, the audience was given a glimpse of the actual tissue engineering from harvesting cells to scaffold fabrication and lastly tissue constructs that is ready for implantation. Assoc. Prof. Chua also shared his experience on working with real patients on engineered skin transplantation.

After the talk, many questions were posted to Prof Chua by the impressed and excited students as well as lecturers who are keen to know more about this field.

Some research collaborations were discussed and students who are interested in this field of engineering were also identified for potential Master degree or PhD work in Prof Chua’s lab.

The talk concluded at about 4.15 pm.

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