No Name of External Collaborating Party Activities Conducted with Collaborating Party Areas of Collaboration Member(s) Involved
1 Tamkang University Research Signal Processing Humaira Nisar
2 NCTU Taiwan Research Signal Processing, Machine Learning Humaira Nisar
3 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Research, joint grant Medical Imaging Tee Yee Kai
4 Unviersity of Oxford, UK Research Clinical Stroke & Cancer Imaging Tee Yee Kai
5 Rochester Institute of Technology, US Joint grant Image processing Tee Yee Kai
6 Brain Research Institute of Monash Sunway Joint grant Neuroscience Mok Siew Ying, Tang Pek Yee
7 Hospital Kuala Lumpur Joint Grant Genetic profiling Tan Yin Qing, Tee Shiau Foon, Tang Pek Yee
8 Universiti Malaya Research, joint grant Falls, Signal Processing Goh Choon Hian
9 Universiti Malaya Research, joint grant Material Lee Poh Foong
10 Greatech Integration (M) Sdn Bhd Research, joint grant Pick and place system
Value stream process mapping
Danny Ng Wee Kiat, Chuah Yea Dat, Kwan Ban Hoe
11 SATU Reserach Grant as PI Joint Research Signal and Image Processing for Health Care Humaira Nisar
12 SATU Reserach Grant as Co-PI Joint Research Signal and Image Processing for facial recognition Tee Yee Kai
13 Universiti Malaya Research, joint publication AI in medical imaging Tee Yee Kai, Hum Yan Chai
14 University of Tasmania Research, joint publication Medical imaging in stroke Tee Yee Kai
15 TF AMD Microelectronics (Penang) Sdn Bhd Research Robotics Danny Ng Wee Kiat, Kwan Ban Hoe
16 Institu Sukan Negara (ISN) Research Biomechanics Chan Siow Cheng, Tan Yin Qing, Chong Yu Zheng
17 Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences Reserach, Joint Publication AI in medical imaging Humaira Nisar
18 College of Engineering, Effat University, Jeddah, 22332, Saudi Arabia Reserach, Joint Publication Advanced Signal Processing for BCI Humaira Nisar
19 Mayo Clinic, USA Research, joint publication Physiological study on mental health Lee Poh Foong
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