Signal Processing

Signal processing is a branch of engineering that deals with the analysis, synthesis, and manipulation of signals. It is a broad area of research that includes signal analysis, signal synthesis, signal recovery, signal detection, signal estimation, signal enhancement, and signal restoration. Signal processing research focuses on the development of algorithms and methods for analyzing and manipulating signals in a variety of applications. This includes applications such as communication systems, medical imaging, audio/video processing, radar, and navigation systems. Signal processing research often involves the development of mathematical models and algorithms to analyze signals and extract information from them. Additionally, research in this area also includes the development of digital signal processors, software, and hardware for signal processing.

Team members:

  1. Ir Ts. Dr Hum Yan Chai (Leader)
  2. Dr Goh Choon Hian
  3. Prof. Dr. Humaira Nisar
  4. Dr. Kong Sin Guan
  5. Dr. Tan Lee Fan
  6. Ms. Premala A/P Krishnan
  7. Dr. Tee Yee Kai
  8. Ms Kamala A/P Krishnan
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