Tee Yee Kai

Tee Yee Kai

Machine Learning
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Signal/Image/Audio Processing
Visual Microphone for Sound Recovery
Hum Yan Chai

Dr. Hum Yan Chai

Computer Vision Image Processing Machine Learning Medical Image Processing Optimization Pattern Recognition

Dr Goh Choon Hian

Physiological Signal Processing, Medical Informatics, Machine Learning, Falls in the Elderly, Biostatistic.
Danny Ng Wee Kiat

Mr. Danny Ng Wee Kiat

Embedded System Microcontroller Application Robotics

Dr. Chan Siow Cheng

Computational Neuroscience Neural Network
Chong Yu Zheng

Mr. Chong Yu Zheng

Biomechanical Instrumentation Biomechanics Medical Instrumentation Rehabilitation Engineering Wearable Instrumentation
Chuah Yea Dat

Ir. Dr. Chuah Yea Dat

Human gait analysis and falls reduction system design Mechanical and Mechatronics System Design
Goh Sing Yau

Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Goh Sing Yau

Humaira Nisar

Dr. Humaira Nisar

Biomedical Imaging (Dermatology) EEG signal and topomap analysis Image analysis for waste water treatment Signal and Image Processing Motion estimation Brain Sciences
Kong Sin Guan

Ts. Dr. Kong Sin Guan

Bioinformatics Biostatistics Computational Biology Phylogeny Analysis Systems biology
Lee Poh Foong

Dr. Lee Poh Foong

Biophysics Brain computer interface system for attention training Neuroscience Non invasive cancer detection system
Mok Siew Ying

Dr. Mok Siew Ying

Brain Computer Interface Cellular Electrophysiology Neuroscience
Tee Shiau Foon

Dr. Tee Shiau Foon

Biomarker Biosensor Environmental Analysis Waste water treatment
Kwan Ban Hoe

Dr. Kwan Ban Hoe

Medical Signal Processing Image Processing
Tang Pek Yee

Dr. Tang Pek Yee

Genotyping psychiatric genetics fish genetics
Tan Lee Fan

Dr. Tan Lee Fan

Biomedical signal analysis Brain-computer interface
Tan Yin Qing

Ms. Tan Yin Qing

Brain Computer Interface
Loo Joo Ling

Dr. Loo Joo Ling

Aquaculture Engineering Aquaculture Feed and Nutrition Biosensors Enzyme and Food Biotechnology Food Processing Natural Products
Wisam Abdul-Kadder Yassin Al-Obaidy

Dr. Wisam Abdul-Kadder Yassin Al-Obaidy

Ahmed Waleed Khalid Hendi

Dr. Ahmed Waleed Khalid Hendi

Chang Jing Jing

Dr. Chang Jing Jing

Modelling Control theories

Ms Kamala A/P Krishnan

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