Postgraduate Students

PhD Students

Ms Foo Lee Sze

(Medical Imaging)

Mr Choong Ren Jun

(Imagery Sound Recovery)

Wong Chim Chwee

(Song Recommender System)

Rab Nawaz

(Neuro Signal Processing, Neurofeedback)

Vinodhkumar Ramalingam

(Sport Science)

Mr Teoh Boon Yew

(Microfluidic separation)
Danny Ng Wee Kiat

Danny Ng Wee Kiat

(Brain Computer Interface)

Graduated PhD Students

Dr Tee Shiau Foon

(Neuroscience and Psychiatry Research)
Graduated 2014

Dr Muhammad Burhan Khan

(Image processing and Machine Learning for Waste Water Treatment)
Graduated Jan 2018

Dr Chow Tze Jen

(Neuroscience and Psychiatry Research)
Graduated 2018

Dr Sinouvassane Djearamane

Graduated 2019

Current Master Students

Ms Sifat Ara Senjuti

(Antenna Design)

Mr Cheong Hon Sang

(Document Classification)

Mr Cheah Kit Hwa

(Deep Learning for EEG Classification)

Mr Chuah Chun Wei

Mr Yong Cherng Liin


Mr. Lim Han Xiang


Mr. Sami Abdulmuneem Ahmed Al-Sharabi

(Image Recognition - Alzheimer’s Disease)

Abdulrahman Hussien Abdullah Al-hamed

(3D Image Modelling)

Mr. Png Wen Yang

(Neuroscience & Psychiatry Research)

Ms. Goh Xue Xin

(Neuroscience & Psychiatry Research)

Ms. Kamala a/p Krishnan

(Robotics & Rehabilitation)

Ms Wong Mei Yi

(Cognitive Science)

Mr Augustine Yap Chun Wei

(Electron and oxygen generation in water using magnetic effect and its biological applications)

Chin Yik Chun

(Society and Sustainable Living - Food Supply and Safety)

Graduated Master Students

Chow Tze Jen

(Neuroscience and Psychiatry Research)
Graduated 2013

Ch’ng Yau Kwang

(Biomedical Image Processing)
Graduated May 2016

Lim Seng Hooi

(Neural Image Processing)
Graduated Oct 2017

Wong Kah Wei

(Neuroscience and Psychiatry Research)
Graduated 2018

Ms Lee Siew Yin

(Imagery Sound Recovery)
Graduated Sept 2019

Mr Poon Hoon Keng

(Document Classification)
Graduated June 2020

Mr. Nyee Wen Jet

(Image Recognition- Knee Cartilage)

Thee Kang Wei

(Neuro Signal and Image Processing)
Graduated Oct 2020

Mansour Ayman Alawi

(Medical Simulation and image processing)

Mr Lee Jia Ji

(Development of magnetic nanoparticles targeting device & Study of cancer cells ablation)

Mr Low Yat Hong

(Recommender System)
Graduated Feb 2021
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