IR in Healthcare

The use of automation and robotics in the Healthcare sector is one of the key focuses of our subgroup. The development in the fields of robotics such as autonomous navigation, SLAM and AI can be adapted and used in the hospital, homecare, assistive and rehab environment.

Our previous works have a focus on bringing these technologies for the use of patients in the home care setting. We introduce the use of brain computer interface as a human-machine interface for a user with severe mobility impairment. We are working with the hospital, UMMC and government agency, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat for this project.

Below is the list of some published works related to the project:

Danny Wee-Kiat, Ng, Sing Yau Goh (2020). Indirect Control of an Autonomous Wheelchair Using SSVEP BCI. Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics.

Jia Zhi Lim, Danny Wee-Kiat Ng, Cloud based implementation of ROS through VPN, 7th International Conference on Smart Computing & Communications (ICSCC), 2019.

Wai-Lai Mah, Siau-Shi Chin, Siew-Ying Mok, Danny Wee-Kiat Ng, Ee-Chin Loh, Ramli N., Sing-Yau Goh, SSVEP-based BCI for a DMD Patient – A Case Study, 6th IEEE Conference on Sustainable Utilization and Development in Engineering and Technology, 2019.

K Krishnan, TL Fan, DNW Kiat, GS Yau Implementing a Brain-Computer Interface Wheelchair in Home-Care Setting: Preliminary Result, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1372 (1), 012020

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