3D Printing in Clinical Engineering

Materialise has pioneered many of the leading medical applications in surgical planning and 3D printing, enabling researchers, engineers, and clinicians to revolutionize personalized care. Join this talk to learn how a personalized treatment can assist surgeons at different stages in the treatment, allowing digital and better visualization of pathology, 3D printing of anatomical models, virtual planning of surgical procedures and the printing of personalized guides.

Speaker profile

Mr Sheik Azwan graduated from Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering from the Vanderbilt University in 2015. After that, he joined Materalise Sdn Bhd as a clinical engineer orthopedics. Mr Azwan will also be sharing his personal experience in his role as Clinical Engineer and the future of healthcare with the concept of Point-of-Care.

Date: Friday, 30 July 2021
Time: 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
Venue: Virtual, MS Team

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