CHST Member won the Best Paper Award in the ICOS 2020

The 2020 IEEE Conference on Open Systems (ICOS) was held virtually on November 17 – 19 2020. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to share and exchange technologies and applications in the area of Open Systems for professionals, engineers, academics and industrial people worldwide, starting from 2010.

In the ICOS 2020, the submitted paper led by the CHST member, Dr Humaira Nisar with the title, “Estimation of Ammonia in Water Samples Using Image Analysis” was selected as the Best Paper Award.

Abstract: Ammonia plays an important role in the stability of the ecosystem. However, high concentration of ammonia in the water is toxic to the ecosystem. Hence it is important to monitor the amount of ammonia in water bodies. In this paper we use image processing and analysis to detect the amount of ammonia in water by identifying the color of the water. 7 different ammonia concentrations equal to 0.0, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 ppm were used for testing purposes. Two color models RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) are used in the analysis. Three features are extracted from the images which are mean intensity, standard deviation and skewness. It has been observed that the proposed method using mean intensity and three-color channels R, G, and B is able to identify the correct ammonia concentration in the test samples with an accuracy of 100 %. ”

Congratulations to Dr Humaira Nisar and her team on the great achievement in the ICOS 2020!

Humaira Nisar

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