Industrial Information Exchange Module, co-organized by Johnson Medical International Sdn. Bhd

Industrial Information Exchange Module, co-organized by Johnson Medical International Sdn. Bhd.

Date: July & August 2013

Venue: FES, KL Campus

A series of talk, themed as Industrial Information Exchange Module, was held from 17 Jul to 7 Aug 2013 at Faculty of Engineering and Science. This event was organized by CHST, Department of Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering, FES, UTAR and co-organized by Johnson Medical International Sdn. Bhd. Established players in the healthcare support industry was invited to share and impart knowledge relevant to the practical aspect of hospital management and clinical engineering to UTAR students.

The first speaker, Ir. Yacoob Ali, director of Jurutera Perunding Technique Sdn. Bhd; has more than 35 years of experience in the mechanical services design of many hospitals in Malaysia. He gave two talks entitled Installation and Maintenance of Hospital Facilities and Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System in Healthcare Environment. He shared his experience on the role of Biomedical Engineer during the planning and construction a hospital.

The last talk for this series was Principle of Safety and Risk Management, delivered by Mr Tang Keng Yuan, senior QA manager of Johnson Medical International Sdn. Bhd. Mr Tang has been involved in the medical equipment and risk assessment industry for nearly 30 years. With his experience, he has educated the students on how to identify, manage and prevent risks in a healthcare environment. Among the areas covered were methods of risk quantification and estimation of risks due to bad facility management, indoor air quality standards and monitoring, clinical waste disposal, and etc.

Students were enlighten with the message delivered by the speakers and were actively participated in Q & A sessions. Through this event, they have received useful information on the actual industrial practice and the expectation of industry towards a Biomedical Engineer to serve and contribute to the healthcare industry, community, and society.With the success of this series of talks, DMBE & CHST will organize more similar activities in future to foster tighter bond between the industry and academia. Through this event, it is hoped that students will be inculcated with a strong sense of professional and social responsibility in a rapidly changing and technological oriented world.

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