Best Paper Award in the area of Neural Engineering and Brain Computer Interface – IECBES 2021

The 2021 IEEE EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES 2021) was held virtually on March 1 – 3 2021. This conference is a premier biomedical engineering and sciences conference in this region, which have carefully established strategic partnerships with key authorities and figures in the field to share cutting-edge research and innovation to facilitate and push boundaries in biomedical engineering and sciences research.

In the IECBES 2021, the submitted paper by the Student member of CHST, Lim Han Xiang with the title, “Development of Instrumented Shoe-Aging Assessment System” was selected as the Best Paper Award in the area of Neural Engineering and Brain Computer Interface.

Abstract: Running is one of the ‘low-cost’ popular activities for both competition and leisure. High occurrence of running injuries are observed due to repetitive loading on the lower extremities musculoskeletal structure. Although the association between shoes cushioning with running biomechanics have been established, the detailed relationships are yet to be identified due to limited instrumentation setup in exploring such association. This study compares the mechanical aging of shoe cushioning via developed instrumentation system versus the hydraulic testing machine. Preliminary comparisons between the latter were explored in this study.

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