Symposium for Wellness of Body and Mind

Date: 25-05-2019
Time: 9 am – 12.30 pm
Venue: KB 103

This symposium was organised with the aim to create awareness in maintaining a healthy state of body and mind to the public, students and UTAR staff. For those who suffer from mental illness, caregivers or people who concerns on their mental health, the speakers shared a good tip on how we could handle our distracted mind.

Brother Hor Tuck Loon, the founder of WISE foundations shared a good talk on how we could manage our wandering mind in a skillful way.

President of Yang TaiChi Malaysia shared the history of Yang Taichi. Besides, he guided the participants on a short practice to feel the “Qi” of the body and shared on how this energy brought healthiness to the mind.

Dr Lee Poh Foong gave a short game for experiencing the enhanced conflict monitoring practice and briefly shared her neurophysiological research.

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