Wearable Sensing and Sensor Networks for Precision Medicine

Date : 19 July 2019 (Friday)
Time : 03:00 pm – 04:30 pm
Venue : KB208

The talk was held in conjunction between IEEE-Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE-EMBS) Malaysia Chapter, UTAR IEEE-EMBS Student Chapter, Centre of Healthcare Science and Technology, and Department of Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Carmen Poon from Chinese University of Hong Kong shared various telemedicine technologies available for various health conditions. Feedbacks are critical to the prediction and tailoring of treatments to each individual. This is made possible nowadays by wearable and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, designing a sensor network with these devices and training the prediction models associated with them to ultimately change surgical practices are challenging.

This talk discussed the following:

1) different types of wearable sensors and sensor networks for collecting streamlines of biomedical/health information;

2) how knowledge learnt from large-scale online public sources can be transferred to better utilize the collected information for predicting surgical/clinical outcomes and realizing real-time automated interventions.

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